Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Photographing Exotic Locales - Part One

It's A Big World - See Some Of It

Someone once said that if you want to take a better picture, point your camera at something amazing.

It's wonderful to explore photo opportunities close to home, but there's no substitute for travel.

It's a big world.  There's no shortage of fascinating places to visit, intriguing sights to see, exciting adventures to cherish, and amazing things to photograph.

So pack your bags and charge your batteries, because it's time to go on a little trip.

When something catches your eye, photograph it in the best possible light.

a fine art photograph of silhouetted statues at sunset in portugal
Silhouetted Statues, Portugal

Keep in mind that the best light is sometimes bright and sunny.

a fine art photograph of fishing boats based on an ancient phoenician design in portugal
Fishing Boats Based on an Ancient Phoenician Design, Portugal

Some subjects will be obvious.

a fine art photograph of st mark's church in zagreb croatia
St. Mark's Church, Zagreb, Croatia

While others will require some imagination.

a fine art photograph of a church tower through a round window in dubrovnik, croatia
Church Tower Through A Round Window, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Isolate features for clean compositions.

a fine art photograph of a tower overlooking the Sea from the city wall of dubrovnik croatia
Tower Overlooking the Sea from the City Wall, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Or shoot wide to capture a sense of place.

a photograph of a street in the walled city of dubrovnik croatia
Morning Street in the Walled City, Dubrovnik

Look for things that you've never seen before.

a fine art photograph of an illuminated platform in zadar croatia
Illuminated Platform by the Sea, Zadar, Croatia

And NEVER lose your sense of innocence and fun.

a photograph of a fun dog food and water station station in zagreb croatia
Dogs Welcome, Zagreb

The images above were captured in Croatia and Portugal.


            Pentax 67 II film camera
            Canon 5D Mark II digital camera


            A whole bunch of 'em.

Wishing you great light and meaningful moments!

Copyright 2012 Daniel R. South
All Rights Reserved

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