Thursday, March 7, 2013

Line, Shape, and Color

Fundamental Elements in Photographic Composition

The photograph of the red fire escape is one of my favorites. I visited the site several times over the course of a year before hitting up the right light and composition.

I love fire escapes. They're like functioning urban metal sculptures.

I'm always looking for fire escapes with unique shapes and colors or where light hits them at an interesting angle. I was fascinated by the vivid colors of blue and red on this building, and the way that they shapes and angles worked together.

a photo of a red fire escape in new york city
Red Fire Escape - New York City

I experimented with a number of compositions but decided to isolate a small section with a telephoto lens.

The angle of the stairs and shadows contrast with the rectangular windows. The white trim adds an eye catching highlight. The dangling wires contribute mystery and chaos. One might expect to see sparks flying at night.

Basic shapes attract the eye. They are familiar and easy to perceive. A clean layout appeals to our sense of order and a desire for harmony and balance.

Color and contrast add interest and vibrance to shapes and fundamental forms. Simplicity enhances clarity.

Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark III

Lens: Canon 70-200mm f/4L IS

Wishing you great light and meaningful moments!

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All Rights Reserved

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  1. This one is one of my favorites from the 28 Days Sharper gallery of photos because of the composition, the geometry and the vibrant colors! I love looking at it!