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Mountaintop Monasteries

Imagine a monastery perched atop a pillar of rock several hundred feet above the valleys below. If you want to visit the monastery, you'll need to be prepared to climb a long series of winding stone staircases.

a photo of the Monastery of the Holy Trinity at Metéora
Monastery of the Holy Trinity - Metéora

Now imagine six such monasteries clustered together in a small area, and you'll have an idea what awaits intrepid tourists at Metéora.

a photo of the Varlaám Monastery at Metéora in greece
Varlaám Monastery - Metéora

The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Metéora in Northern Greece has a rugged terrain featuring enormous rock outcroppings towering up to 1,800 feet above the surrounding plane.

a photo of Towering Rock Formations at Metéora
Towering Rock Formations - Metéora

Hermetic monks began to settle in this area in the late Middle Ages. The challenging terrain discouraged visitors and marauders from disturbing their encampments.

Eventually, the monks began to build monasteries on the peaks of the rock spires. More than twenty monasteries were constructed, but only six remain in existence today.

a photo of The Monastery of St. Stephen at Dusk
The Monastery of St. Stephen at Dusk

Metéora is a fascinating destination for any traveler who can manage the stair climbing that's required.

a photograph of meteora at sunset by daniel south
Metéora at Sunset

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